Global M&A Negotiations

The negotiations between Facebook and WhatsApp

January 25, 2024 Yadvinder Singh Rana Season 1 Episode 5
Global M&A Negotiations
The negotiations between Facebook and WhatsApp
Show Notes

On February 19, 2014, Facebook announced a definitive agreement to acquire WhatsApp, for a total of $19 billion in cash and stock.

In this episode, we'll explore the key factors and the critical moments that shaped the negotiations between Facebook and WhatsApp.

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Facebook buys WhatsApp: Inside the deal

Facebook’s Acquisition of WhatsApp & The Value of Strategic M&A

Facebook WhatsApp deal

Zuckerberg defends Facebook's WhatsApp purchase 

Zuckerberg on WhatsApp acquisition

Mark Zuckerberg: WhatsApp Worth More Than $19 Billion                       

Mark Zuckerberg On The First Days Of Facebook                    

Zuckerberg shares painful moment in Facebook history                   

What's Up WhatsApp? (Jan Koum, CEO at WhatsApp & David Rowan) | DLD14

Facebook Celebrates 1Bn Users                                        

WhatsApp Co-Founder to Leave Facebook                        

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